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Writing for the Internet and Raising One’s Profile Online

We are starting a new group initiative on WD called “Writing for the Internet and Promoting Oneself Online”. For any writer, this is a subject that is not to be ignored.

In the great age of the internet, the scope for writing and writers has grown bigger than at any other time in history. Of course, we know that the reason for this is obvious, but as a writer, are you taking any advantage of it?

Internet Writing

Writing for the internet is different than writing for any other media. Your prose needs to look attractive as well as have great content.  The language used needs to be as active and precise as hell. A reader will click away to another site at the writer’s first mishap.


Raising Your Internet Profile

This is the age of the Kindle and other e-readers. With the new ramifications of e-books on publishing and self-publishing, do you realise how important it is to raise your profile on the net as an author? Are you using social media to promote yourself properly and gain readers?

  • Do you know how to build a readership?
  • Do you leverage Twitter, Facebook and Google to your best advantage?
  • (What is a hashtag?)
  • Do you blog? Do you know what a blog is? Do you know what you can achieve with a blog?
  • Do you write articles?
  • Are you earning money from your articles?
  • What content do you create for the internet?
  • Do you know how to raise your internet profile?
  • Do you know how to get noticed on the internet?

Do you actually know how to write for the internet? Do you know the great techniques that attract search engine attention, swiftly followed by readers? A writer wants to be read – right?

And when your reader appears, do you know how to keep them engaged? Can you keep them coming back for more?

You really should know about and be able to do the above. The tragic misconception is that all you need to do is write your stuff and post it online, or write your e-book and get it on Amazon – job done.

This is wrong.

Promote Your Book

You need to know the requirements for promoting your book, or writing for the internet before you even put the proverbial pen to paper. You need to know what to do after the book or article is written. You need to be established as a credible source of information – even if you are only posting fiction online.

Well, anyway, that’s enough of that. You are now aware that there are things that you should know if you want to be read on the internet.

The information that will be shared in this group is rarely found anywhere for free. If you are interested in how to write for the internet, how to get read, or how to promote yourself online, you need to join us.

We will explore everything to do with promoting yourself online:

  • You’ll learn how to gain a readership
  • write great content for the net
  • learn internet writing techniques
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – a very simple concept believe me.)
  • how to build an online profile
  • learn how to be in a position to promote anything (let alone a book.)

There is no HTML to worry about; there is no other kind of programming involved, just the written word and a few new concepts.

If you  are a writer who wants to learn how to “Write for the Internet and Promote Oneself Onlinesign up for a free membership here at WRITERSDOCK.

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