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Using body language, action and internal thoughts in dialogue

Following on from our previous article, Five tips on how to Punctuate your Dialogue, in this next workshop I’m going to show you three ways to weave action and dialogue into your writing using body language, action and internal thoughts. Consider the following exchange:  ‘Morning, Jane. Did you sleep well?’ He smiled at her. ‘Yes, thank […]


Five Tips for Punctuating Dialogue

  In this handy introduction I’m going to demonstrate the only five tips you’ll ever need for using punctuation in dialogue. If you’ve found this page, you’re probably a new(ish) writer looking for some hints on how to improve your writing. As we go through these tips, you’ll discover how easy it is to get […]


When Inspiration Fades

I started and I didn’t want to admit it. I would lie in bed instead of getting up to write, my usual routine. I would distract myself with books or television, hoping to jump start something that would make me want to write, but it wasn’t working. Eventually, I had to admit it to myself, […]


Writing for the Internet and Raising One’s Profile Online

We are starting a new group initiative on WD called “Writing for the Internet and Promoting Oneself Online”. For any writer, this is a subject that is not to be ignored. In the great age of the internet, the scope for writing and writers has grown bigger than at any other time in history. Of […]

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Love Language: A Salutary Tale

A LACK OF LOVE OF LANGUAGE MUST BE THE ROOT CAUSE, I surmise, of its continuing degradation. What else can be so destabilising a factor as to result in the puerile whimsical puns of journalists and a street proliferation of ‘kwik’ contractions with all their implications of speed, of being ‘bite-sized’, of being dumbed-down for […]