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Crabbit’s Tips for Writers 5: Ingredients of Poor Writing

YOU MAY REMEMBER THAT LAST YEAR I STARTED A SET OF CRABBIT’S TIPS FOR WRITERS. Here’s No. 5. To find the others, go to the list of labels on the right (scroll down) [on my blog] and choose Crabbit’s Tips for Writers. You can also go here to download the pretty pdf and print it out, […]

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Nicola Morgan is author of around 90 books, blogger at Help! I Need a Publisher!, and author of Write to be Published and Tweet Right – The Sensible Person’s Guide to Twitter.


T. S. Eliot’s Anti-Semitism: Does It Matter?

IN THE PREFACE TO HIS STUDY OF ELIOT’S ANTI-SEMITISM (1995), Anthony Julius says: ‘. . . anti-Semitism beguiles, not just demagogues . . . but also creative artists of the highest quality. This usually surprises us, because we tend to sentimentalise our great writers and often think better of them than they deserve. Expecting our poets […]


Processing the Word

GOOD WRITERS ARE LIKE HEN’S TEETH. It’s relatively easy to report or relay information on a subject the writer has a background in; it’s much harder to take any subject matter and serve it up in a way that is both entertaining and informative. Good writing – unlike grammar, punctuation and spelling – cannot be […]


Memory and Distance in Writing: How is it for You?

IN ONE OF THE GREATEST WORKS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust, the narrator steps back in time and recreates the sights, sounds, smells and landscape of his childhood. Indeed, this work has given rise to the literary concept of ‘Proustian moment’, which is an intense reliving of the past in […]


Dreams and Writing: The Alchemy

DREAMS HAVE BEEN WIDELY LINKED TO WRITING. In a much quoted incident about Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772 – 1834), it is said that he wrote his well-known poem, Kubla Khan, on waking up from a dream. His other poem, The Ancient Mariner, also has this dream quality. Franz Kafka’s (1883 – 1924) Metamorphosis opens with this […]


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