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Crabbit’s Tips for Writers 5: Ingredients of Poor Writing

YOU MAY REMEMBER THAT LAST YEAR I STARTED A SET OF CRABBIT’S TIPS FOR WRITERS. Here’s No. 5. To find the others, go to the list of labels on the right (scroll down) [on my blog] and choose Crabbit’s Tips for Writers. You can also go here to download the pretty pdf and print it out, […]

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Nicola Morgan is author of around 90 books, blogger at Help! I Need a Publisher!, and author of Write to be Published and Tweet Right – The Sensible Person’s Guide to Twitter.


That or Which?

THERE ARE SEVERAL SIMILAR WORDS IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE that cause a high degree of confusion: those who use them don’t always understand the correct word to write. This article will shed some light on the use of ‘that’ and ‘which’. The simple rule to follow here is in asking if the portion of the […]


Less or Fewer: Is There Still a Difference?

A CORRESPONDENT OF MINE RECENTLY HAD THIS TO SAY: I’m appalled at the increasing use of less when fewer would be more appropriate. I was taught that if you could count them (e.g. people at a meeting) you used fewer; if you couldn’t count it (e.g. sugar) you used less. It seems that the trend […]


‘Affect’ or ‘Effect’: It’s Harder Than You Think!

‘AFFECT’ AND ‘EFFECT’ ARE COMMONLY MISUSED. Here are some simple examples to help you get them straight. The most common meaning of ‘affect’ is to influence, e.g. The new image AFFECTED the size of the file. The new sense of respect AFFECTED him profoundly. The sunlight has AFFECTED the finish of this paint. Another meaning […]


Hyphens Made Easy

YOUR READERS JUDGE YOU ON THE WAY YOU WRITE. This applies whether you’re writing advertising copy, a college or business report, a website or the next great novel; it’s these judgements that will determine the success or failure of your venture. For example, would you buy a book if you flipped through the pages and […]