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Hello Writer!

Writers’ Dock invites you to submit articles for possible publication on this ever expanding site. We welcome both previously published writers and as yet unpublished writers. We welcome writers from all over the world.

As you will expect, there are guidelines as to what content we’re looking for. We also suggest an article structure. Your work must be entirely your own (although reference to other material is, of course, permissible). 
Subject Areas

Broadly speaking, you’ll find an overview of what we’re looking for in the categories menu on the right-hand side bar. If you think your article can fit into any of these categories, submit it to us. If your article doesn’t yet fit – and it’s an article that would suit a writing website such as this – submit it and, if accepted, we can devise an appropriate category.

Alternatively, you can submit short pieces of prose or poetry for consideration in the showcases (see the tabs above). This written material is showcased for one week at a time. However, priority will be given to Writers’ Dock forum members for these slots. You can join the forum for free by clicking the FORUM tab, above.
Article Structure

Ideally your article will be written to the format below. Although this isn’t hard and fast (we can’t be so prescriptive that it totally destroys the creative impulse), we’ve found that this format is a very workable one.

  • The article should have an introduction, a middle section, and a summary.
  • In your introduction explain what you would like to write about.
  • In your middle section we suggest you concentrate on (say) three main points, giving each point its own paragraph.
  • Your summary should only refer to what you’ve already written about (you shouldn’t discuss new ideas, out of the blue, in the summary!)

Suggested Types of Articles

‘How To’ articles
Opinion pieces
Factual reporting
Combinations of above
Word Count

Minimum 400 words, maximum 900 words.

Whilst every article accepted for publication will undergo the scrutiny of the Writers’ Dock copy editor – for spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) – you should make every effort to ensure your submission is as free from SPaG errors as possible. 
Comprehension Suggestion

It is useful to remember the following suggestion regarding the comprehension rating of sentences: for every sentence count the number of words in that sentence and then subtract that from 100. So, for this exact sentence now, the comprehension rating would be 85 (100 minus 15). The higher the comprehension rating, the easier the sentence will be to absorb and understand. That’s not to suggest we’re looking for ‘dumbed-down’ material. On the contrary, we’re looking for well written and intelligent articles. 
Submissions Period/Deadlines

Submissions are being accepted on a rolling basis, so there is no timescale deadline.
On Acceptance of Your Submission

We reserve the right to edit submitted material as we see fit. We will do our level best to preserve the integrity and meaning of the article.

We will not accept gratuitously offensive content. However, this said, opinion pieces are welcomed. If you’re not sure whether what you’re submitting will be unduly offensive or not, then don’t submit it.

If your article is accepted, an edited version will be published (if applicable). Notification of this will be sent to you by email (you will need to provide a valid email address at the time of submission – this address won’t be disclosed to anybody).

Should you have a strong objection or any query regarding the published version of your article, you should contact the editor by return of email. Your article will be reviewed in consideration of this query.

In all dealings, the editor’s decision is final.


Now, what are you waiting for? Get writing, submit!

– Ed.

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