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Five Tips for Punctuating Dialogue

  In this handy introduction I’m going to demonstrate the only five tips you’ll ever need for using punctuation in dialogue. If you’ve found this page, you’re probably a new(ish) writer looking for some hints on how to improve your writing. As we go through these tips, you’ll discover how easy it is to get […]


Book Review: Tiny Sunbirds Far Away (Christie Watson)

THE BOOK CENTRES ON THE YOUNG NARRATOR, Blessing, in Nigeria, against a backdrop of political violence caused by the actions of oil companies in the Niger Delta. Blessing lives with her parents and brother, Ezikiel, in Lagos in a cocoon of luxury and comfort. However, soon her father’s abandonment of the family for another woman forces […]

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‘Final Draft’ Essential Software – Reviews

‘FINAL DRAFT – THE INDUSTRY STANDARD FOR SCRIPTWRITING’ is described as ‘essential software’ by Michéal Jacob (formerly the BBC’s creative head of mainstream comedy and executive producer of sitcoms My Family, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet Of Crisps, and The Smoking Room.) As this is the case, I was wondering if a scriptwriter […]

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Carry On Loving Shakespeare

RECENTLY I HAVE NOTICED SEVERAL TRAILERS ON THE TELEVISION for a series of programmes entitled Shakespeare Unlocked. This raised two questions in my mind: • Why does Shakespeare need to be unlocked? • Why do I, personally, have such a love for the writings of Shakespeare? To take the questions in the order that they […]


Book Review: Searoad – Chronicles of Klatsand (Ursula Le Guin)

KLATSAND, FORMERLY FISH CREEK, IN OREGON is a tiny settlement that grows over four generations to become an off-the-beaten-track and less than fashionable coastal resort town. It lies on the Pacific coast of Oregon and is only separated from that mighty body of water by the Searoad of the title. In one poem, ten short […]